Friday, April 19, 2013

Raspberry Pi dispatched today

I received today an e-mail from RS Components saying that my Raspberry Pi has been dispatched.
I already start to develop a program dedicated to monitor the Raspberry Pi. This program is inspired by Raspcontrol. I'll write an article about RPi-Monitor (this is the name of my software) into a future post.

Photo from Flickr by DavidMonro AttributionNoncommercialShare AlikeCC BY NC SA 2.0

Thursday, April 11, 2013

It is decided, I purchase a Raspberry Pi!

I'm interested about home automation since a while, I having some ideas to add intelligence into a house since many year but the electronic complexity didn't encourage me to continue my efforts.
Few time ago I did discover the Raspberry Pi (RPi), a very small computer, cheap and running my favorite OS: Linux. Few research on the internet show me the capacities of this hardware. The open source spirit floating around this computer finish to convince me. I should purchase it now!

Photo from Flickr by GijsbertPeijs Attribution CC BY 2.0

I took the habit to write down my computer experiences, first to remind how I did the things  and secondly to share my knowledge (Ref. the article about Linux security on This time I'll use the blog format.
My goal will be to describe my usage of the Raspberry Pi. My objective will be to use only open source solution software and hardware and to publish here the documentation allowing anybody to reproduce my experiences.

Now I should just wait for the delivery to start the experiences...