Wednesday, August 24, 2016

RPi-Monitor: Version 2.11 is available

Note: A new version of RPi-Monitor is available.
For alla details about RPi-Monitor refer to RPi-Monitor Documentation.

The version 2.11-r5 of RPi-Monitor has been released.

If you don't know yet what RPI-Monitor do, have a look to RPi-Monitor Overview.

RPi-Monitor is Still Alive (clip by Jonathan Coulton)

What's new in this version?
This version is coming with internal changes, improvement and bug fixes.

Here is the changelog of version 2.11-r5:
  • New repository hosted on to avoid issue with github
  • Add multicolumn view in status page for large screen
  • Add alert feature able to execute script when necessary (Recovery action, SMS, e-mail, etc.)
  • Add possibility to use result of KPI into source or in alert commands with keyword 'data.<kpi>' 
  • Add logfile in configurable destination (Default: /var/log/rpimonitor.log)
  • Add arch configuration files
  • Add possibility to set a default value for KPI when source is not existing
  • Add possibility to set interval to reduce the number of data extraction frequency
  • Set Status Page as default landing page
  • Bug fixes and cleanup code