Tuesday, October 15, 2013

RPi-Monitor: Version 2.5.1 is available

Note: A new version of RPi-Monitor is available: Version 2.6.
All the details about the latest version of Rpi-Monitor are in RPi-Monitor overview

The version 2.5.1 of RPi-Monitor has been released (replacing the version 2.5 due to issue #22).

If you don't know yet what RPI-Monitor do, have a look to RPi-Monitor Overview.

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What's new in this version?
Some users have pushed their Raspberry Pi to its limits and found some side effect in RPi-Monitor. This version comes with improvement to fix such side effects. Thanks to allo the contributoirs which help me to improve RPi-Monitor.

Here is the changelog of version 2.5.1:

  • Update rrd graph with unkown data if fetched information is not a valid number
  • Fix issue #22 : empty.rrd file not properly generated

And changelog of version 2.5:
  • Fix issue #16: (v2.4) Network Graph displaying Bytes/s not in bits/s (wrong Legend) (From deMattin)
  • Update configuration to be compatible with NOOBS as proposed in issue #17 (From deMattin)
  • Implement modification for small screen proposed in issue #18 (From deMattin)
  • Change footer to better fit with small screens
  • Implement pull request #20: Counting buffers and cache as available memory (From Harbulot)
  • Add the possibility to set Min and Max values for rrd graphs in configuration file (issue #19 #21)