Thursday, May 30, 2013

RPi-Monitor: Version 1.4 is available

Note: A new version of RPi-Monitor is available: Version 1.5.
All the details about the latest version of Rpi-Monitor are in RPi-Monitor overview

The version 1.4 of RPi-Monitor has been released.

If you don't know yet what RPI-Monitor do, have a look to RPi-Monitor Overview

Package update status with detail.

What's new in this version?
  • Fix bugs 
  • Add package to be upgraded popover listing
  • Add firmware version
  • Increase shared memory to 8kb to support bigger json due to package upgrade status list
  • Add warning before closing or refreshing sheelinabox page to avoid unwanted connection closing
  • Remove graph without real meaning (voltage, cpu_frequency)
  • Remember last graph displayed (to make update easier just by clicking Statistics menu)
Download it from the official repository in Github:
    sudo wget -O rpimonitor_1.4-1_all.deb

Install the dependencies by executing the following command:
    sudo apt-get install librrds-perl libhttp-daemon-perl

Installation or upgrade can be done with the command:
    sudo dpkg -i rpimonitor_1.4-1_all.deb

Browse your http://RPiIpAddress:8888/.


  1. Why should be run it, if I ran it before the upgrading?

    "Packages in repository to be: Update needed...
    Execute sudo apt-get update && sudo service rpimonitor update"

    1. This is a technical reason due to apt constraints.
      It has to be done once at startup but it is optional. You can also wait until tomorrow to see the package status been updated.

  2. Can you convert the following values to a readable format? :)

    200000 --> 200 MB

    600000 --> 585.9 kB
    600000000 --> 572.2 MB
    6E+11 --> 558.8 GB

    200000 --> what is it? :D

    55000 --> 55 °C

    Thank you!

    1. The answer to this question is Yes and No... ;-)
      No :-(, I'll not change anything regarding to graph in Version 1.x of RPi-Monitor, I'll just fix bugs if any are raised.
      But, Yes :-), I'll change that and many other things in Version 2.0 that is currently at designed stage.
      Stay tuned for future announcement...

  3. Thank you so much. this project is fantastic

  4. I've been looking for a good RPi reporting tool and this is excellent. I'm running 2 x RPi with CrashPlan to 3TB drives, RPi root moved to a EXT4 disk partition. It would be great if you could report disk space used/free/total for all mounted drives /etc/fstab. Could you also offer status of optional services e.g. CrashPlanEngine?


    1. First, you post a comment into a quite outdated version of RPi-Monitor, if you still use this one I would advise to upgrade.
      Secondly, RPi-Monitor has been designed to be highly configurable. What you have when you perform an initial installation is an example of what RPi-Minitor can do.
      So if you feel that one information is missing for your specific needs, I would advise to read the article describing how to customize the configuration. I feel that what you describe here shouldn't be too complexe to implement.

      Godd luck in your customization,