Tuesday, July 9, 2013

RPi-Monitor: Version 2.1 is available

Note: A new version of RPi-Monitor is available: Version 2.2.
All the details about the latest version of Rpi-Monitor are in RPi-Monitor overview

The version 2.1 of RPi-Monitor has been released.

If you don't know yet what RPI-Monitor do, have a look to RPi-Monitor Overview.

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What's new in this version?

This version brings small improvement and extends the customisation capabilities.

Here is the changelog of version 2.1:
  • Precheck result before adding in RRD to improve graphs
  • Add the possibility to customize axis with graph_options parameter
  • Add timeout for KPI reading to avoid possible hang when reading external sensors
  • Change keywork ds_graph_opts by ds_graph_options to be consistant with javascriptrrd and flot documentation. Keep that in mind if you did some customisation.
  • Fix Issue #6: a stranger rpimonitor.conf
  • .


    Download it from the official repository in Github:
        sudo wget http://goo.gl/NLVKa -O rpimonitor_2.1-1_all.deb

    Install the dependencies by executing the following command:
        sudo apt-get install librrds-perl libhttp-daemon-perl libjson-perl

    Installation or upgrade can be done with the command:
        sudo dpkg -i rpimonitor_2.1-1_all.deb


    RPi-Monitor is now fully configurable so if the displayed information doesn't match you need, customize it.
    Everything display in status page or in statistics page can be modified, tuned and customized to your needs.

    To see how to customize it, use the command
        man rpimonitord
        man rpimonitord.conf

    Man pages are also available in the wiki.

    You will find some examples of customisation in RPi-Monitor articles.


    Once RPi-Monitor is configured as you wished, browse http://RPiIpAddress:8888/ to access to the web interface.

    Note: The graphs rendering may have strange behavior on Google-Chrome on Windows while it works fine on Linux. Internet Explorer is even not able to display statistics, it is then advised to use Firefox on Windows or better... switch to Linux! ;-). 

    Future article

    RPi-Monitor has some hidden feature. We will see in a future article how to add a second axis to the graph to represent the humidity given by an external sensor (DHT11 or DHT22). Stay tuned ;-)


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