Friday, October 24, 2014

RPi-Monitor-Peeble: RPi-Monitor is now available on Pebble Smart Watch

Alexander Kropochev did develop an interface of RPi-Monitor for Pebble Smart Watch. So you can now monitor your Raspberry Pi from anywhere and directly on your watch.

RPi-Monitor-Pebble is a new companion to RPi-Monitor which allow you to keep an eye on your monitored device and show its status directly on your wrist.

Installation can be done from your phone directly from the Pebble Application Store on Android or iOS.

Configuration is very easy: Enter the address of RPi-Monitor in the dedicated interface. Of course, to make is work, RPi-Monitor has to be installed and reachable from your handset.

Reminder: The installation and configuration of RPi-Monitor are described in articles listed in this page

Thanks again Alexander for your contribution to this project.

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