Saturday, March 10, 2018

RPi-Monitor documentation

RPi-Monitor documentation is available (in early access - Work is still in progress).

Photo from flickr cc-by-nc-nd by pwkpwkpwk

This blog was gathering information example showing how RPi-Monitor could be installed, used and configured.  As RPi-Monitor become a mature software, we reached the limit of such blog based documentation. Then I dicided to gather all information, examples, tips and trick into one unique location: RPi-Monitor-docs.

Work in progress

As specified in introduction, the documentation is not completed yet and work is still in progress.

On some pages, you will see a "Work in progress" ribbon.
This means that data of the page is not yet validated and may contains mistake of fuzzy information.

Warning: The documentation is refering to v2.13 of RPi-Monitor which is not yet published. Some features such as snmp may not be present on your version of RPi-Monitor. But even if the current documentation is not fully completed, it should be clearer than articles of this blog.  So, RPi-Monitor-docs become from now the official source of documentation for RPi-Monitor.

A new logo

The next version of RPi-Monitor will introduce a new logo and a new catchline "Real time monitoring for embedded devices" because, even is RPi-Monitor was initially designed for Raspberry Pi, it can do much more...

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