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  1. I give. I am far from a Linux wonk, so maybe a step-by-step set up would help. All I get is a blank screen on my browser. I've killed way too much time on this, thankfully it was free. Read every article in this section, worked my way through the examples, still notta. Worth every penny.

    1. RPi-Monitor is highly configurable and the counter part to this flexibility is the complexity of the configuration file.
      The Interactive Configuration Helper is here to help you. The best approach to customize you configuration file is to start from the proposed configuration file and modify it step by step; do one modification at a time and validate it before doing the next one.
      Reading the article listed in this page is a good idea to understand the feature and behavior of RPi-Monitor.

    2. I'm missing something along the line. I've worked through the articles, no problem. The Interactive Configuration Helper does what the article says. When I try to run in my browser, I get the RPi-Monitor page with a green start button, no QR code. Click start and it goes to a blank page. Nothing, notta, zip. Java is installed, tried Dillo, Midori and NetSurf, all the same blank notta.

  2. OK, got it working. Didn't have HTML5 storage enabled. Not sure why that is needed, but whatever...